What's NestAway?

NestAway is a concept. It's a solution. It's fixing something that’s grossly wrong. Well, It's all the three. it's a new concept for owners. a solution for tenants & its fixing the youth housing crisis in cities.

It's a concept for owners.

Absolute no hassle in renting your house & earning more money from the same house at the same time. Sounds crazy ?
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It's a solution for tenants.

If you are single & want to live in a fully furnished 3BHK in a great locality with like minded individuals, you are in the right place. Just walk in with your suitcase.
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But above all, It's fixing a wrong - “where do our youngsters live".

Remember the excitement you felt running back home as soon as the school bell rang. Remember the world you created in your room, filled with all those games and records you could just about afford with your pocket money as a pimpled and powdered teen. Remember how you dreamt of building YOUR OWN NEST when you grew up and got a job - a cozy corner to read, a warm bath to soothe away the day’s stress, a kitchen in which to experiment even as your buddies play unwilling guinea pigs….

But just when the dreams start getting dreamier, and you reach a stage in life when you have your own money, and a chance to have your own pad, this stupid thing called reality has to intrude and play spoilsport.

We were a bunch of friends who moved to Bangalore for work, and dreamt of a 'nest away from home’ that we could call our own.

The city's greeting was rather lukewarm. Surprises all around - zillion calls but no closure, that suspicion in the eyes of owners bordering hate, broker coercions, discriminating society rules. If you hail from a small town in India, you feel as if you have landed on a different country altogether.

But, believe it or not, going through this grind was preferable to those cellular jails disguised as PGs. PGs are God’s own punishment for a crime you’re expected to commit in the near future & hence the advance imprisonment. ‘paying guest’ accommodation certainly ensured we were paying in ways we didn’t expect.

Getting a job suddenly seemed like a trivial affair compared to getting a good house. It was harsher if you were a single girl.

Little wonder, then, that our relationships with our homes have changed beyond belief. Today, a bachelor is the new untouchable, and a PG is just a place to crash in after you’ve burnt the midnight oil behind your desk, or at the mall, or at the movies…in short any excuse to keep you away from home as long as possible. You just can’t find a space you can call your own, a communal space where you can invite friends, cook up a storm, and celebrate life.

We seemed to have given up altogether on making a warm, homely nest for ourselves. Even if we can afford it!

That’s why we created NESTAWAY.

Because we believe Bachelors (whether men or women) are the dynamos of the nation and deserve better.

Because we believe that every Bachelor has the right to live well, in an inclusive society.

Because we believe Bachelor homes can be warm, secure, classy and affordable.

Because we believe that no City should be a stranger to a Bachelor.

Because we owe it to them - for their future, for our future.

If you do feel the same, please drop us a line at info@nestaway.com & lets fight it together.