FAQs for House Owners

How long does it take to list a property on NestAway?

It typically takes 12-16 working days for a property to be listed on the NestAway website.

Does NestAway guarantee a fixed monthly rental?

NestAway is a home-rental marketplace which matches landlords with verified and committed tenants. The rental income a house can earn would depend on a number of factors, including the location, quality of construction, etc.

While we work hard to try and ensure that every listed property gets enough number of house-showings, NestAway does NOT guarantee a fixed rental income.

That said, since NestAway works on a rental commission model, our success relies on ensuring that your property remains occupied through out the tenure.

How does NestAway process monthly rental payments?

NestAway's payment system is designed to make transferring money between tenants and house owners as simple and reliable as possible. Here’s how it works:

1. For or any given month, NestAway deposits the monthly rent collected from the tenant in Owner’s bank account before (5th) fifth of the immediately succeeding month after deducting applicable the commission and charges.

2. This happens irrespective of the fact whether the rent has been collected from the tenant or not.

What are the service fees?

NestAway charges a commission of 12.5% of your monthly rental income. However, please note that this does not include the charges for furnishing, maintenance or any additional charges that may be applicable.

Who takes care of utilities?

Utility bills are typically handled by the tenants residing at the property. House owners looking to list their house need to ensure that all previous dues have been settled before signing the agreement.

How should I talk to my neighbours or homeowners association about NestAway?

Although most homeowners, apartment societies see no problem in letting out houses to NestAway, some might have concerns about them. Here are a few things you should consider when talking with others about listing on NestAway.

Know the rules and regulations

Before you start listing, know what contracts and rules affect you, such as co-op rules, House Association rules, or rules established by tenant organisations. Make sure you understand and comply with these rules before listing your space.

Talk with your Apartment / Society association

Talk to your homeowner’s association about when you plan to list your place, and how NestAway is a trusted business operating in 9 cities and collectively managing over 3500 properties.

You can inform them about how NestAway builds on trust using authentic trust and safety resources, including verified IDs, employment proof and income proof . You can also explain that NestAway offers a Rs. 1 Cr. Structure and Content insurance plan.